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 Run Time: 118 | Rating: PG | Language: English

In collaboration with the Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards.

Introduction from Terre Blair Hamlisch, widow of composer Marvin Hamlisch, who wrote the movie's Oscar-winning score and title song.

Sydney Pollack’s 1973 surprise hit, the romantic drama The Way We Were, promised not only a love story for the ages, but also a vehicle for its stars. (Print ads and trailers spotlighted “Streisand and Redford together!”) The unlikely relationship between plucky Jewish Marxist Katie Morosky (Streisand) and golden boy Hubbell Gardiner (Redford) — for whom “like the country he lived in, everything came too easily” — blooms against the backdrop of America redefining itself through the political upheavals of the late 1930s, WWII, and the era of Hollywood blacklists. An affair that unfolds and ultimately fails in episodes, The Way We Were’s throughline is the passionate and intellectual chemistry between its iconic leads and the swooningly romantic Academy Award–winning score by Marvin Hamlisch, also the composer of the eponymous theme song.

The Way We Were was restored in 4K by Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2013. The original picture negative was scanned at Cineric, Inc., in New York on their proprietary wet-gate scanner. Digital image restoration completed at MTI Film in Hollywood. The audio work was completed at Chace Audio, Burbank, re-mastering a previous director-approved 5.1 upmix. The final colour grading, conforming, additional image restoration and 4K DCP creation was completed at Sony Pictures Colorworks, working with senior colourist Sheri Eisenberg. Restoration supervised by Grover Crisp.


Tue, Dec 12 7:00PM



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